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Like A Tree
A woman's heart
Is like a tree.
Each encounter
Helps it grow.
Her friends and family
Make up the branches
The rings inside of her bark
Show the strength of bond.
Bitter tidings,
Like bitter winter
Cannot strip her
Bare of bark
Branches break and
Leaves fall, but years
And years of love
Grows on.
A woman's heart
Is like a tree.
Each soul I meet
Is guiding me.
As I grow and take my shape
I'll stay strong if branches break
And when things change I'll keep moving on
A heart beats on while trees grow tall
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Hand Me Down Amy (warning disturbing poem)
My name is Amy,

Well it’s Amy for now,
I’ve been a toy for many girls and some boys,
I’ve been through all the ups and downs,

Sally was the first she was given to me on her birthday,
That was my first day with her and my last day,
Sally’s mommy and daddy had a fight,
Sally’s Daddy killed both of them in the middle of the night,
Then he took a match and burnt their house up,
I guess Sally’s Daddy just had enough,
Mary was the second girl knew,
She found me in the ashes and patched me up good as new,
But I’ve come to know the world is cruel,
Little Mary got ran over by some drunken fool,    
Johnny, Johnny was the third I was given to him by a man,
Whom he didn’t know,
Now Johnny lives where all the wild flowers grow.
Lilly was the third girl I knew,
Everyone in their family where all very proud Jews,
Everyone in town knew,
Even those fe
:iconolkit:Olkit 11 13
For Two Boys
I have imagined
how your hands would feel
playing my piano key spine
and my cello-curved hips,
and how your lips would feel
between the plateau of my shoulder
and the slope of my neck—
I hate myself for it.
I can mouth all of his stories,
read all of his expressions,
and tell you all of his favorites,
as if he is the language
I have spent years studying.
I don’t even know
your father’s name
or your favorite season,
and some girl could have
the lines in your hands,
freckles on your face,
and baritone of your voice
memorized and playing
on repeat in her mind.
Even though our class swears
that we’re madly in love,
I have not once wondered
what flavor his lips carry
or how his body would feel
pressed firmly against mine.
I don’t even deserve you
in my wildest fantasies
if she knows you like I know
Shakespeare’s sonnets
and Plath’s poetry.
Sometimes I’m afraid
that when he catches my eye
from across the crowded class,
it’s because he wan
:iconsaltwaterlungs:saltwaterlungs 54 31
night terrors
it is only when my neighborhood sleeps
underneath the orange lamplight
and layers of indigo clouds,
that i notice that the house’s walls
are spreading further and further apart,
and the majority of the rooms
are empty and friendless,
collecting dust like hoarders.
the silence buzzes in my ears
and settles on my carcass shoulders
like a vulture: i grasp frantically
at the hum of cars passing
and the soft thud of my sister
turning over in her sleep
to remind myself that
there are seven billion others,
even if they aren’t here with me.
i start to feel the space between my fingers
and the nothing wrapping around my body,
and a deep well of inky blues and greens
drips into me and stains my paper thoughts,
so i try to stuff my head with pastel pinks:
novels, melodies, and conversation leftovers,
to contrast the dark inkblots.
i realize that i will need
either a big house with lots of people
who never succumb to sleep,
or a postage stamp apartment
all to myself or with one other
:iconsaltwaterlungs:saltwaterlungs 34 36
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a creative, artistic person that loves to sew pillows, stuffed animals, and hats, draw cute anime people, draw anthros, and draw animals. I love music and I love my kitten Whisper

Favourite genre of music: Metal, Death Metal, etc
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
MP3 player of choice: IPOD
Personal Quote: Be your own light


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